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Made to last. Designed and manufactured in the UK. Connecting your home and garden the seamless way. At Future Aluminium, our bi-folding range offers incredible flexibility, defined by contemporary and ultra-slim sightlines that will span the largest openings, combining core and structural integrity with our advanced thermal performance and weather sealing. They facilitate modern-day open living and can transform any space whilst allowing you to enjoy your stunning views.

BI-Folding Doors


Available in a wide variety of configurations and colours designed to complement the individual character of your property.


Colour Options

Choose from our standard colours - White, Grey, Grey on White - or explore 417 special RAL single or dual colours available. Price on application

Dimensions and Configurations

 Choose from 33 unique configurations with doors that can be as high as 3m and as wide as 8m, providing a grand entrance for any space

Design Features

Enjoy slim sightlines for a minimalist and modern aesthetic, along with adjustable jambs for a perfect fit

Quick and Precise Construction

We ensure a quick turnaround and precise construction with every bi-fold door built on our 9-meter rigs, ensuring square alignment and easy installation

Packaging and Delivery

Every order is carefully wrapped in cardboard and cellophane for protection during transit, with an optional site delivery available for your convenience

Quality Assurance

Our doors are designed with longevity in mind, offering high durability and resistance to ensure they last a lifetime

Our Services

Retail Brochure

Download our Retail Brochure for an in-depth look at our versatile Bi-fold doors. Discover our range of styles, configurations, and finishes to find the perfect fit for your home. Step into the future with Future Aluminium.

Trade Brochure

Access our comprehensive Trade Brochure to explore the technical details, specifications, and options available for our Bi-fold doors. Perfect for professionals looking for high-quality, modern solutions. Upgrade your projects with Future Aluminium.

Transform your space today with Future Aluminium's Bi-fold doors. Experience the seamless connection between your home and outdoors like never before. With our versatile configurations and colours, we can bring your vision to life. Step into the future of open living now! Don't wait – request a personalized quote today and let us help you achieve the perfect blend of style, function and quality for your home

Create Your Ideal Space with Bi-Fold Doors Today


Available in a wide variety of configurations and colours designed to complement the individual character of your property.

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