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Experience the ease and versatility of our Tilt & Turn windows, a UK favourite. These uPVC units tilt for secure ventilation or fully open for optimal fresh air and cleaning ease. They also offer tilt- or turn-only options for flexible installation. Featuring Fab n Fix 'Connoisseur' range handles, MACO mechanisms, and a variety of VEKA Variations Renolit colours and finishes, these windows blend functionality and style.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Versatile & Easy To Use

Our Tilt & Turn windows offer convenience, flexibility, and lasting performance. Popular in the UK, these uPVC windows can tilt for ventilation or swing open fully for maximum airflow and easy cleaning. With the option of tilt- or turn-only operation, robust Fab n Fix 'Connoisseur' handles, MACO mechanisms, and a wide range of VEKA Variations Renolit colours and finishes, they promise value and aesthetics.

Free Brochure

Explore the versatility and enduring style of our Tilt & Turn windows with our complimentary brochure. Delve into the unique features, understand the ease of operation, and envision the aesthetic upgrade these windows can offer your home. Start your journey towards a more practical and stylish space. Download the free brochure now and experience the superior quality of Future Ideal Homes' Tilt & Turn windows.


We offer windows and doors at the forefront of the energy saving fenestration product range, with Triple glazed units manufactured with Matrix 70, Matrix FS70 and Infinity profiles.
Customers concerned about the environment, wishing to reduce their carbon footprint further, can choose the Bevelled (Chamfered) Matrix Infinity profile with its 80% recycled content and 100% virgin uPVC top skin exterior. The Infinity profile helps to reduce the natural resources used whilst ensuring a product that looks great and comes with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee on both our uPVC and locks.

Triple Glazed Windows

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