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Save Money On Energy Bills

A single-storey conservatory extension saves money on energy bills by providing natural insulation, efficient ventilation, and ample natural light, reducing the need for artificial heating, cooling, and lighting.

Less mess, less waste

Your Extension arrives in kit form to ensure a stress-free installation. This means far less
excavation work and waste material to dispose of compared to other methods of

Quick Installation

Warmer Roof Extensions are much quicker than traditional methods, reducing the amount
of machinery needed, making huge savings.

Design Flexibility

Choose either a pitched tiled roof or flat EPDM rubber roof. Almost any extension design is

Add Significant Value To Your Home

A single-storey conservatory extension adds value to your home by providing versatile living space, enhancing market appeal, and creating a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.


All extensions come with a 25-year guarantee to give you peace of mind and confidence in the product provided.

Why Choose A Single storey Extension?

Future’s Warmer Roof extensions are faster, warmer and a smarter way of extending your home.Future’s warmer roof have now added the stunning single storey Extensions kits to our range ofwarmer roof systems creating the most stunning, beautifully crafted extensions that will transformand expand any living space.

Single Storey Extensions


Gable Extension

Edwardian Extension

Double Hipped Edwardian Estension

Hipped Lean Extension

Lean To Extension

Flat Roof No Back Extension

Free Brochure

Download our free brochure for single-storey extensions and unlock the possibilities for expanding your home. Discover the design options, energy-saving features, and value-boosting benefits. Start planning your dream extension today!

Download Our Brochure

  1. Choose your base system: Select a Durabase System or retrofit onto compliant concrete foundations.

  2. Consider size: Customize your extension to fit your space and budget.

  3. Windows and doors: Explore our range of quality options, including bi-folding doors for a spacious feel.

  4. Select your roof system: Choose from pitched or flat roof options with standard external soffit detail.

  5. Style and colors: Match cladding colors to your roof tiles and house bricks with guidance from our team.

  6. Explore optional upgrades: Maximize natural light with opening roof windows or fixed glass panels. Discover additional features available upon inquiry.

Build your dream extension with Future Ideal Homes

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